Invigorate your 2017 with the vibrant scents of Yankee Candle’s brand new additions to the Pure Essence collection. COMING SOON to Breslin’s Pharmacy.

Pure Essence Yankee Candle 2017

Perfectly uplifting to combat the indulgence of December, kickstart your new year with the tantalizing; Linden Tree, Wild Mint and Cherry Blossom fragrances that are sure to awaken your senses.

Linden Tree – Beautiful and blooming, the light scent of Linden Tree is fresh, with notes of Hosta leaves, Linden Blossom and Cedarwood. Recreate the gentle breeze of a Linden Tree in full bloom on a warm sunny day that will brighten up your home this winter.

Wild Mint – The classic, invigorating scent of mint has added life in the Wild Mint Yankee Candle. Embodying the gorgeous smell of freshly picked mint leaves, with notes of spearmint leaves, fresh peppermint and undertones of sandalwood this is a fragrance that will uplift you.

Cherry Blossom – The perfect fragrance that will enchant any room, Cherry Blossom is fun and floral with springtime scents of cherry, rose, jasmine and sandalwood. It is an inspiring scent that will bring a vibrant atmosphere to your home.


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