Yankee Candle The Last Paradise WOW Gift Set

Our Price: 30.00



This Gift Set is the perfect way to discover Yankee’s fragrances, the set contains 1 Medium Jar Candle, 2 Small Jar Candle, 1 pack of Tea Lights and 3 Votive Candles in sweet, fresh and floral fragrances perfect for the spring time.


1 x Sunny Daydream Medium Jar Candle.
1 x Clean Cotton Small Jar Candle.
1 x Pack of 12 Fresh Cut Roses Tea Lights.
1 x Camellia Blossom Votive Candle.
1 x Pink Sands Votive Candle.
1 x Coconut Splash Votive Candle.
1 x Vanilla Lime Votive Candle.
1 x Seaside Woods Votive Candle.
1 x Lemon Lavender Votive Candle.
1 x A Calm & Quiet Place Votive Candle.

Burn Time Medium Jar: up to 75 hours

Burn Time Small Jar: up to 30 hours

Burn Time Tealights: up to 6 hours (Each)

Burn Time Votives: up to 15 hours (Each)

A perfect gift for Mother’s Day.