Yankee Candle Spring & Summer WOW Gift Set

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Yankee Candle Spring/Summer 2022 Wow Gift Set is the perfect way to discover the delights of Yankee Candle’s exuberant fragrances this Spring & Summer. Offering 1 medium jar candle, 2 small jar candle, 3 votive candles and 12 scented tea lights, all in a brightly coloured box reminiscent of the freshness Spring brings, this gift set is the perfect gift for any occasion!

Votive candles and tea lights are the perfect option for sampling new fragrances or for layering scents. Made from premium-grade wax and the finest quality ingredients with a lead-free, 100% natural wick, they deliver a clean, consistent burn.

Collection Contains:

  • 1 x Yankee Candle Sakura Blossom Festival Medium Jar Candle.
  • 1 x Yankee Candle Sunny Daydream Small Jar Candle.
  • 1 x Yankee Candle Red Raspberry Small Jar Candle.
  • 1 x Yankee Candle Majestic Mount Fuji Votive Candle.
  • 1 x Yankee Candle Sweet Plum Sake Votive Candle.
  • 12 x Yankee Candle A Calm & Quiet Place Scented Tea Light Candles.