SureSign Urinary Tract Infection 3 Test Strips



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UTI Urinary Tract Infection test kit which uses detection of Leukocytes and Nitrites to determine whether you have an infection or not.

SureSign UTI Urinary Tract Infection Test Strips are for the detection of Leukocytes and Nitrite in the urine. The easy to use strips are used as an aid in the screening of urinary tract infection (UTI).

The test is a firm plastic strip onto which Leukocyte and Nitrite test pads are attached. If the test is positive, the Leukocyte test pad should be beige to dark purple, and the Nitrite test pad should be uniform pink to red.

How To Use

  • Allow the strip and urine specimen to reach room temperature prior to testing.
  • Remove the strip from the sealed pouch, use as soon as possible.
  • Hold the end of the strip farthest away from the test pad(s) and begin urinating.
  • Make sure the test pads are completely wet.
  • Lay the strip with the test pad(s) facing upwards and begin timing.
  • Read result at one minute for Nitrite and at two minutes for Leukocytes.
  • Compare the test pad(s) to the colour blocks on the colour chart.
  • Note: Do not read results after 3 minutes.