SmileBright Deluxe Home Teeth Whitening Kit


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Whiten your teeth, brighten your smile and remove stubborn stains like. tea, coffee, wine, smoke stains etc.

Our Deluxe Kit has been developed to whiten at home safely and quickly it comes with a year supply of whitening gel, conditioning gel, LED light, and gum tray.

Perfect to whiten your teeth before a special event or occasion and keep the remaining to top up as and when you need.

  • No sensitivity.
  • Clinically proven instant whitening results.
  • New innovative PAP formula
  • Powerful LED Dual Light Technology.

The Deluxe Whitening Kit Contains…

  • Powerful LED Dual Light Unit
  • 2 X Whitening Gel Syringes – A 12 Month Supply
  • 1 X Remineraliser Gel Syringe, To Strengthen & Condition Enamel
  • Gum Tray (Universal Size)