Perkys | Breast Lift Enhancement Tape A-C

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Each pack comes complete with:

  • 4 x Nipple Covers
  • 4 x Perkys Tape
  • Give your boobs a lift! Perky’s breast enhancement tape has the same effect as a push-up bra and can be used as a backless dress bra.
  • Be sure to remove any creams oils and moisture before using Perkys.
  • Perkys are made with a medical-grade adhesive tape safe for the skin, however, we recommend no more than 12 hours wear and remove before sleeping.
  • You can wear with strapless, backless, low v cut tops/dresses and even swimwear.
  • Try not to over touch the adhesive and avoid folding the tape.
  • Apply Perkys before applying nipple coversRemove first from either side of the breast, do not peel from the top, and then remove nipple cover.