Green Angel Summer Special

Our Price: 29.00



Green Angel’s Summer Special consists of an Argan Oil and Seaweed Body Lotion. The hydrating duo are incredible value at €29 (worth €46), making it the perfect Summer gift, for yourself or a friend.

How To Use:

It’s recommended to use Argan Oil first. Massage it onto damp skin after a shower or bath.

Allow time for it to work its magic as it soaks into the skin. Follow up with Green Angel’s calming Body Lotion. The Body Lotion is also ideal after a long day in the sun to help replenish missing moisture in the skin.

The rich Argan Oil helps to deeply penetrate the skin, giving maximum hydration to the skin. The cooling Body Lotion then helps to lock in the oil as well as nourishing those all-important top layers of the skin.

The delightful duo can be used all over your body, so break out your shorts, sandals and summer skirts.