Flormar Precious Curl Mascara – Classic Black

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Flormar Precious Curl Mascara is the perfect final step for your eye makeup routine thanks to its curling effect and moisturizing properties. This Mascara by Flormar comes with an inbuilt thick fiber brush that has a curved shape, perfect to curl your lashes, add intense volume and extra definition simultaneously. In fact, we are talking about a custom-design brush that, on one side will allow you to effortlessly curl your eyelashes and, on another, achieve a fuller-looking result. The stunning final touch that your eye makeup simply cannot miss. Furthermore, the Flormar Precious Curl Mascara in Classic Black has an advanced formula that provides deep nourishment. Infused with Argan Oil, this composition delivers an ultra-hydrating effect that, consequently, increases the shine of your eyelashes. Therefore, this Mascara is a true multi-purpose product. It not only creates a luxurious uplifted look, but also provides care and protection making sure your eyelashes look healthy in the long run.

Color family: black;
Good for: enhancing curl, definition, volume and moisture;
Presentation: plastic tube with an inbuilt thick curled fiber brush.

Main Ingredients

Argan is a non-fragrant plant oil rich in antioxidants and with ultra-hydrating properties. It visibly helps with skin and hair dryness;
Fiber and Bamboo powder help to provide extra volume in order to achieve a fuller look.

How To Use

Apply Flormar Precious Curl Mascara starting on the bottom and swiping until the tip of the lashes with zig-zag movements. Reapply until you achieve the desired effect.