Fast Hydrating Lotion 500G

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Designed to quickly replenish, revive and restore dry, dull skin.
This lightweight lotion slides on s-MOO-th, rubs in easily and absorbs quickly.
Nurtures and improves hydration of delicate, damaged and sensitive skin.
Made with natural, skin-loving oils like Sweet Almond & Olive Squalane.
Full of skin-soothing ingredients like Aloe Vera and German Chamomile.
Suitable for all ages and skin types (including damaged skin from radiation therapy).
For use on the face and body, or anywhere your skin could use a quick pick-me-up.


We made this moisturiser after getting a lot of requests from our customers and stockists to add a light(er)weight formula to our moisturiser range. Our classic Skin Milk Udder Cream has generally been our suggestion for those looking for an all-round restorative cream, but it seems that there are many people that prefer something even lighter, particularly when dealing with thin, very sensitive or damaged skin. Heavier creams are great to deeply nourish, nurture and protect dry skin, but they can also take a little longer to apply, especially all over the body on a regular basis. Since we make our products for our customers, we were happy to take on the task of creating a lighter formula, and we’re pleased to introduce to you the time-saving lotion we wish we’d made years ago.

But don’t be fooled into thinking that lighter means less because this lightweight is no lightweight! Made with our favourite, moisturising oils that skin slurps up, and we didn’t skimp on the skin-soothing ingredients either, making sure to include as much Aloe Vera and German Chamomile as we could to help keep skin cool, calm and collected. And to top it off, we made it subtly smells like a delicious dessert, but we don’t recommend eating it – but if you did, it’s A-OK as we only use natural and edible ingredients in all of our formulas.