Exitel Plus Flavoured Worming Tablet For Dogs – 2 Tablets




Exitel Plus Flavoured Dog Worming Tablets are the strongest dog wormers currently available without a prescription. These dog worming tablets are pork flavoured which makes them more palatable for your dog. Each single tablet will treat a dog weighing up to 10kg.

For larger dogs, extra tablets will be required to treat effectively eg 20kg dog = 2 tablets, 30kg dog = 3 tablets. For dogs who weigh less than 10kg, tablets may be divided and should be halved or quartered as per the dogs weight e.g. 5kg dog = half tablet, 2.5kg dog = quarter tablet.

Exitel tablets can also be used for worming puppies.

Exitel Plus does not require fasting the dog prior to treatment.

Each Exitel tablet contains: Praziquantel 50 mg, Pyrantel Embonate 144 mg, Febantel 150 mg.

Exitel dog wormers effectively treat the following: Tapeworms, Hookworms,Roundworms, Whipworms.