Epitact Bunion Corrector

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Benefits & Features

  • Due to the patented flexible and ultra-slim design with built-in EPITHELIUM®FLEX technology, the hallux valgus orthotic can easily be adapted to fit any shoe and it can be worn during the day, every day.
  • Unlike a rigid hallux valgus splint, it acts during walking to address all of the factors that can aggravate the deformity
  • The patented external tendon made from EPITHELIUM®FLEX silicone straightens the big toe. The extent of correction can easily be adjusted by exerting greater or lesser tension on the tendon.
  • The EPITHELIUM®FLEX external tendon also absorbs pressure on the bunion and therefore relieves pain.
  • The Epithelium® disc creates a comfortable toe piece that acts as a counter-support with the shoe and allows the 1st metatarsal to be pushed back.
  • The extra-slim metatarsal compression sleeve acts against crushing and widening of the forefoot.

Size Chart:

  • Small : 4 – 5.5
  • Medium: 6 – 8
  • Large: 8.5 – 11

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