Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray for Sensitive Skin – 50ML

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A unique Thermal Water Spray to calm, soothe, soften and comfort sensitive skin.

Essential multi-use spray to refresh, calm and soften the skin, whilst soothing any sign skin sensitivity. Can be used for sunburn, nappy area, peri-ocular dryness, skin tightness, itching caused by dryness, after cleansing, after skincare routine or to fix make-up. Suitable for all types of sensitive skin and the whole family, including babies from 6 months old. Proven efficacy, over 12 years of research have revealed the secret behind these properties: a unique microflora, Aqua. Dolomiae, which gives Avène Thermal Spring Water a unique, naturally soothing and anti-irritating properties.

Key Ingredients

Avene Thermal Spring Water: low mineral content and neutral pH, that reduces sensitivity and restores skin balance.

More Than 150 Studies Prove Its Efficacy
Reduces skin sensitivity by -31% after 5 minutes, by -65% during the first week*