Amoorra Shower Bomb – Sleep


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  • Turn your shower into a spa.
  • Make ‘ME TIME’ easy.
  • Bring back the true art of aromatherapy in your home shower.

Close your eyes as you take a deep breath, and let natures soothing mist surround you with this essential therapeutic combination.

Amoorra helps to create the true art of indulgence through the steam of your home shower to help make ‘me time’ easy. Turn your shower into a luxurious experience with carefully selected therapeutic combinations. The sumptuous aromas mix with the steam of the shower to transform the bathroom into a sanctuary of tranquillity and well-being.

Directions: Turn shower on and allow to heat up to required temperature. Open packet and place tablet in the base of shower, bath or wet room. Product enjoyed best when out of direct flow of water.